Welcome to theHonorBox prototype

This prototype demonstrates how the HonorBox platform can be used to generate unique, per-publication revenue-sharing smart contracts and attach those to PDF files for direct payments.

We even have code for detecting, extracting, and verifying signatures on the W3C Verifiable Credentials that describe all of these operations, to make them more trustworthy.

Proposed future features include:

  • Binding publisher identities to Twitter account control proofs, long-lived blockchain addresses, or other proofs of authenticity
  • Support for more wallets and protocols for managing publications and taking that data elsewhere in the form of Verifiable Credentials
  • Support for more blockchain address types for revenue-sharing contracts

We currently use the Credible wallet from Spruce Systems, USA, to handle log-in to our custom publisher app (UI). Please download the wallet from Android store or the iOS app store (coming soon) and Sign Up to get started.